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Since 1997, we have been offering our clients personal support and professional resources for healthful, inutitive and mindful eating. Each of our clients comes to us with unique needs. We address those needs by providing individualized and comprehensive care, based on the most current nutrition science. We often work as “myth busters,” helping to separate the myths from the realities of food, physical activity and weight.  


Our primary goal is to help our clients develop a comfortable relationship with food and to help them bring about lasting, realistic and lifelong nutritional change. Our services include general nutritional counseling, meal coaching, support groups, as well as professional supervision. 


Nutrition therapy can be a complex process. We simplify the process by collaborating with other professionals, and by providing referrals as needed. Empathy as well as expertise is essential to establishing a safe and effective environment for healing from an eating disorder.  At Pinney Davenport Nutrition we help create that environment.

We work with clients across the spectrum of disordered eating: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, ARFID, night eating and compulsive eating.  


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